Monday, July 26, 2010

Try this for a wokout!

The following circuit is specifically designed for runners.

Performed regularly, it will improve core strength, endurance, running efficiency & power. It's easy to adapt the workout to accommodate your own level of fitness.

Too easy repeat the circuit 2-3 times back to back or increase reps.

(After completing 1 full circuit including warm up & cool down you will have run roughly 4 miles & completed a full body workout

in about 50-55 minutes. Performing a additional circuit adds another 25-30 minutes.

The Runner's Circuit:

Do the following runs & strength in order. Move quickly from one to the other, but don't rush the actual moves, making sure to maintain good form.

There is no recovery time between the exercises, other than moving from one to the next.

Remember to stay well hydrated throughout the workout.

1. Warm up: Run 10 minutes easy on the treadmill, then run 30 seconds fast (90-95 percent effort) jog for 30 seconds to recover

repeat the fast/slow sequence four more times.

2. Perform 15 squats with dumbbell overhead press.

3. Do 20 bicycles on each leg.

4. Perform 20 step-ups with bicep curls.

5. Run 400 meters at 5k pace (90-95 percent effort) on the treadmill.

6. Do 12 single-leg squats on each leg.

7. Perform 20 dips off a bench.

8. Do 20 supermans.

9. Run 800 meters at 5k pace (90-95 percent effort) on the treadmill.

10. Perform 25 stability ball push-ups.

11. Do 10 lunges with rotation on each leg, using dumbbells or a medicine ball.

12. Hold plank position for 30 seconds.

13. Run 400 meters at 5k pace (90-95 percent effort) recover with 1 1/2 minute easy jogging; repeat the fast/slow running

sequence one more time. For the more advanced, repeat steps 2-13 of circuit 2-3 times.

14. Cool down: After a two minute walk/rest jog & stretch for 10 minutes.