Monday, June 29, 2009

Today I was asked if I'm still training for Ironman WI I said "yes I am" just at a much, much slower smarter (meaning because it's not just me) pace! The only thing that would hold me back from doing Ironman is the delivery of the baby.
I feel great, with my swim, my bike even if I haven't rode the 6 hours rides and the run~ I will run walk it and take it all in with my family, friends and I can't forget the people who are cheering you on the whole time.
I've finished 5 Ironman I know what to expect it's all in your mind ~ be positive the whole time no negitive thoughts otherwise I/you won't make it!

Yesterday durring that run I felt great, if I wasn't running with my sister I would have ran the 10k. I do have to say my back hurt like heck lastnight into the am I think it was my shoes :)!