Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little things that bring up Huge memories!

Almost 20 years ago, I had lost 2 people in my life one of them who made me the Athlete I am today! His name is Arne. Arne and I were so very close he had taken me under his wing and taught me to be a faster runner, a hurdler and a better high jumper. My Birthday is coming up and way, way, way, back when I was in High School I remember being in the gym on my B-day with Arne; we were practicing High Jumping. Arne was pushing me to Jump 5'2 I was so scared, he would stand on the side of the mat and tell me to run in a half moon and jump in the middle of the bar. Arne would jump this height for practice jumps and he would show me over and over how to do it and Findley I did it! I jump 5'2!!! We practice this all the time, he would tell me your going to get the record for this keep it up. Track season came and I jumped 5'2 I did it I win that event and the School record. Arne was there with me after my jump, I jumped up gave him a huge hug. I can see that whole race over and over in my head and him smiling at me, telling me "great job, I knew you could do it". When Arne died I stopped track, I didn't want to High Jump, do Hurdles, Run in track races any more I gave up on those events. He wasn't there to push me to watch me and kick butt. The metal I won at that race I had put it in his coffin. The year Arne died he had also won the High Jump event and received a metal for it. I was there for that race - I'm so lucky to have that metal to make sure he is with me I put it on my bike where I can see it- Arne will always be with me when I race and practice not only in spirit. I thank god for those moments in my life just like so many other ones. I'm so grateful for everything I have.

Remember you only have one life live it!

I heard this song on TV and it just makes you think of those special people in your life that you have lost.